Witches on Wax: B-Side Brujas


(Photo: KQED/ Deb Leal)

The female DJ crew B-Side Brujas visited the LOUD & Local show on BFF.FM last November for a live set, bringing a stack of ’45s and a wealth of knowledge (along with their wicked style). The Oakland-based vinyl club has been bringing their mix of souldies (soul/ oldies), cumbia, garage and funk to events across the Bay and LA, crafting a seamless groove that you can’t help but get down to.


I had the chance to interview the ladies and hear more about the unifying nature of their music & how it brings communities together. At their shows, they set up an altar as a dedication for the evening – it’s a ritual that celebrates the healing nature of music as well as their heritage. Standing Rock has been a focus for the group, holding benefits and spinning at fundraisers to support the #NODAPL movement. The Brujas were recently featured in BUST magazine with the playlist Sounds of the Revolution: Change-Making Music for Fueling the Fight.

On LOUD & Local the ladies spun a vinyl set, trading shifts and busting out their fave discoveries. April Garcia brought out “Hello Stranger” by Barbara Lewis, a Motown ballad featured in Moonlight – it perfectly scores a diner scene that breaks your heart with the subtlest of glances.

Check out the playlist and interview with the B-Side Brujas on BFF.FM, recorded live in the Secret Alley. 

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Check out the B-Side Brujas on Instagram and Facebook to catch one of their upcoming shows.

The Lucid Dream of Kadhja Bonet



Angeleno soul singer Kadhja Bonet’s lush vocals transport you to a smokey 60’s nightclub. Bonet’s 2015 cover of “Remember the Rain” is reminiscent of the cinematic feel of Adrian Younge while maintaining the vibe of the 1974 original by The 21st Century. It’s the feeling of hearing the beginning of the story, the start of a film, evocative of the gentle melancholy of a drizzle.

In October 2016, Bonet released The Visitor on Fat Possum. She wrote, arranged, and produced the majority of the genre-bending album, giving the sense that you’re immersed in her lucid dream. Bonet draws from outer space sci-fi and Joanna Newsom-esque harp as much as Motown, an intriguing blend that makes you want to find out what she’s going to come up with next.

Bonet is touring this spring in support of fellow up-start Mitski with a string of dates across the West Coast. Check out The Visitor in its entirety on her Bandcamp. Look forward to hearing more from this young visionary.