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Witches on Wax: B-Side Brujas


(Photo: KQED/ Deb Leal)

The female DJ crew B-Side Brujas visited the LOUD & Local show on BFF.FM last November for a live set, bringing a stack of ’45s and a wealth of knowledge (along with their wicked style). The Oakland-based vinyl club has been bringing their mix of souldies (soul/ oldies), cumbia, garage and funk to events across the Bay and LA, crafting a seamless groove that you can’t help but get down to.


I had the chance to interview the ladies and hear more about the unifying nature of their music & how it brings communities together. At their shows, they set up an altar as a dedication for the evening – it’s a ritual that celebrates the healing nature of music as well as their heritage. Standing Rock has been a focus for the group, holding benefits and spinning at fundraisers to support the #NODAPL movement. The Brujas were recently featured in BUST magazine with the playlist Sounds of the Revolution: Change-Making Music for Fueling the Fight.

On LOUD & Local the ladies spun a vinyl set, trading shifts and busting out their fave discoveries. April Garcia brought out “Hello Stranger” by Barbara Lewis, a Motown ballad featured in Moonlight – it perfectly scores a diner scene that breaks your heart with the subtlest of glances.

Check out the playlist and interview with the B-Side Brujas on BFF.FM, recorded live in the Secret Alley. 

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Check out the B-Side Brujas on Instagram and Facebook to catch one of their upcoming shows.